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    2017 Airline Surfboard Baggage Fees

    In the modern days of surf travel, it’s not reef cuts, urchin spines or jellyfish stings that surfers fear most… nope… we fear being stung at airline checkin counters. Never mind the fact that the dude in front of you just checked in his oversized golf bag – for free! – you’re about to get wiped out by surfboard baggage fees. Of course, that is unless you were smart enough to check our huge list of airline boardbag fees before you book your next trip! Below is the world’s largest list of airline surfboard charges, which should help you find an airline that offers low cost (or even free!) air travel for your surfboards. Happy travels!



    70 EUR for destinations in Europe and 150 EUR for other destinations, Windsurf(up to 32kg weight, 2,01-2,50m length) 150 EUR for destinations in Europe and 300 EUR for other destinations. Surfboard (15-32kg weight, and/or 1,41-2,00m length)

    Aera Ann


    Online €30, within 3 hours of departure €40. The maximum length of any item (including cover) that can be accepted is 6 foot 9 inches / 205 cm.

    Aer Lingus


    €30 pre booked-40 at the airport per boardbag. Max weight 15kg and length 9′.

    Aero Mexico

    $60 USD

    Sport boards (surfboard, snowboard or boogie board)

    Air Asia


    Price varies based on route & weight. Surfboard must be packed in a recognized surfboard bag and not exceed 277cm/109inches in length. IMPORTANT: Paying at the airport will be more expensive and only 20kg will be allowed. Book online instead and you’ll save up to 50% as well as increase your weight allowance.

    Air Berlin


    See link for which fee is applicable for your flight. An extra fee will be charged for the carriage of sports equipment. The fees for sports equipment quoted in the price list shall only apply as long as the equipment is registered and the appropriate charge paid at least 48 hours before the departure in question.

    Air Canada

    $50 CAD/USD

    Max (length + width + height): less than 277 cm (109 in) Maximum length: 203 cm (80 in)

    Air China


    ±$50USD for the first board and $100USD for each board after that. First board is charged at 50% of the excess baggage fee, extra boards will cost you 100% of the excess baggage fee. Fees vary for destinations, but you’re looking at about $50USD for the first board and $100USD for each board after that. Max length 9′.

    Air Dolomiti


    Small €35 Medium €70 Big €150. The transport of sports equipment must be always communicated in advance to the company since limitations are present according to the type of aircraft.

    Air France


    $55-200USD per boardbag. Boardbags under 6′.

    Air India


    See link for specifications.

    Airi Nuit


    No specifications given but excess baggage will be charged at the time of check in if the limits(see link) are exceeded. Excess baggage will be transported on a space available basis.

    Air Malta


    When the total weight of your baggage including sports equipment, does not exceed your free baggage allowance as shown on your ticket, sports equipment may be carried free of charge. Air Malta gives you the flexibility to purchase Sports Baggage vouchers to cover the carriage of your sports equipment.

    Air New Zealand

    Free-$150 per boardbag

    Surfboards are included a part of your check-in allowance, in most cases, provided that you have not exceeded your checked bagage allowance (generally one free bag). If your boardbag is an additional bag, $25USD each way will be access on most flights (other than USA). On flights to/ from USA booked after Nov 22, 2012, a charge of $150 (1st boardbag) and $200 (2nd boardbag) will be applied.

    Air Niugini

    Check Link*

    See link for up to date information.

    Air Seychelles

    21SCR- 305SCR*

    See link for specifications and fares. All equipment must not exceed maximum dimensions of 62″.

    Air tahiti Nui


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. Special allowance for Surf, Golf and Diving Equipment One (1) bag allowed free of charge, in addition to the published free allowance. See link for requirements.

    Air Vanuatu

    $10 AUD

    $10 AUD is the fare you pay per extra kg. No specifications given about surfboards but If your checked-in baggage exceeds you baggage allowance you will be charged for excess baggage see link for different rates.

    Alaska Air

    Free- $75USD*

    Weight 50 lbs. or less No Additional Fee 51-100 lbs. $50 (USD) one way Length up to 62 in. No Additional Fee 63-80 in. $50 (USD) one way 81-115 in. $75 (USD) one way


    Check Link*

    Flights operated by small aircraft with limited baggage hold capacity, surfing and windsurfing equipment cannot be accepted. Considering the varying dimensions of different sports equipment and depending on the type of aircraft, the reservation/check-in of equipment will have to be approved and arranged by the local Alitalia Office. To check-in and transport surfboards and windsurfing equipment (exceeding the normal baggage allowance), you must: declare the item at the time of booking, and in the event of connecting flights with other carriers you must obtain the permission of the other carrier involved or carriage of the equipment will be restricted to the Alitalia flight leg only arrive at the check-in desk at least one hour prior to flight departure pack the equipment in its cases or in such a way that protects the items during loading and unloading.

    American Airlines

    $150-200USD per boardbag

    $150-200USD per boardbag. Varies on domestic & international travel. Max weight of 30kg and length 10′.



    The length of the board is not exceeding 277cm. A charge equivalent to 50% of the excess baggage charge applies.The length of the board exceeds 277cm.A charge of the excess baggage charge applies. If you have 2 or more surfboards, the second one is applied for the normal excess baggage charge. 3 charges of the excess baggage charge applies for the following cases. (1)total linear dimensions exceeding 203cm or (2) weighing in excess of 32kg and not exceeding 45kg See link for additional information and rates.



    It is permitted to transport ski equipment, golf bags, surfs and windsurfs, bicycle etc, as registered baggage against space availability and payment of special excess baggage supplement. Contact your travel agent, the nearest Arik Air ticket office or Call Center for more information.


    $100-$200 USD/ CAD*

    Price varies by route. Surboard baggage should not exceed 32kg and 203cm.



    Notify them in advance via telephone: +43 (0)5 1766 1000 or via e-mail tospecialcases@austrian.com, so they can reserve sufficient space as acceptance depends on space availability in the aircraft compartment.

    Bahamas Air


    Bring along second bag costs $25. Any bag oversize and overweight: Greater than 62 inches & 70 lbs. (32 kilos): $125.00.


    Check Link*

    Price may vary with destination/ route. Check with airline directly.

    Bel Avia


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. One set of sports goods is transported with no additional payment in case the total weight of that set and all other luggage does not exceed free luggage allowance in the correspondent service category, the free allowed bagage must not exceed 50?50?100 (?m) so unless you can fold your surfboard you have to pay more.

    Blue Wing Airlines


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. We advise contacting Blue Wing Airlines before booking.



    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. If you are traveling in Business or Flexible Economy you can take a piece of sporting equipment or other exceptional item of baggage as part of your baggage allowance as long as it is within your total allowance.

    British Airways


    Accept surfboards as checked baggage providing they do not exceed the maximum weight restrictions for checked baggage and are packed in a recognized bag or case to safeguard against damage. The bag containing the board can be up to a maximum size of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75in x 29.5in x 25.5in). Bags weighing more than 23kg (51lb) may incur a heavy bag charge.

    Brussels Airlines


    Surfboards cost €50 to €70 within Europe and €100 to €150 on Intercontinental flights. Includes 1 board (up to 2m). Check link for more details.

    Cape Air

    Check Link*

    Bicycles, surfboards, canoes, kayaks and other such large pieces or sporting equipment exceed the capacity of the compartments and are not accepted for transport.

    Cayman Airways


    Accepted as checked baggage with excess baggage fee of $95USD collected at ticket counter.

    China Airlines

    50-100% of one excess baggage charge*

    Charges are assessed PER BOARD and vary according to size and amount. One board not exceeding 109 inches (277cms) to be charged at 50% of one excess baggage charge, or One board exceeding 109 inches (277cms) to be charged at one excess baggage charge. Additional boards at the applicable excess baggage charge.

    China Eastern


    Please contact their reservations office for exact rate. Only one set of surfboarding equipment per passenger will be entitled to the 50% special rate. Any additional boards will be charged at the applicable excess baggage charge. (by weight) One board not exceeding 277cm / 109in, will be charged at the applicable rate of 5kg of excess baggage, or One board exceeding 277cm, / 109in will be charged at the applicable rate of 8kg of excess baggage.

    China Southern

    450 CNY-2700CNY*

    Overweight baggage charge applies(see link) will be charged at CNY or equivalent local currency. Overweight baggage charge applies(see link).

    Copa Airlines


    A service fee of US $75 per bag will be charged for all destinations except to/from Sao Paulo (GRU), Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and San Jose (SJO), which will incur a charge of US $50 per bag. For flights within Colombia, there will be no additional costs provided that the items fall under the terms of allowed luggage.For flights within Panama, a service fee of US$ 15 per bag will be charged plus taxes. Copa Airlines will transport a maximum of two boards, packed in the same bag, per passenger. Any additional boards must be checked as cargo. All passengers traveling with this type of luggage must make their reservation for their surfboards at the time of the ticket purchase or at least 48 hours prior to their flight departure by calling our Reservations Center.



    Prices depend on flight originations and destinations. Check links and specific regional airline pages for more information.

    Croatia Airlines


    Within EU 70 EUR / 100 USD / 100 CAD International 150 EUR / 200 USD / 200 CAD Medium: Between 15-32 KG and/or 1.41-2 meters, SURFBOARDS the maximum weight for windsurfers is 50kg (109lb). If the maximum weight is exceeded, the windsurf equipment has to be sent as cargo.

    Czech Airlines


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. Czech Airlines’ allows the transportation of sports equipment as checked baggage. This equipment will count against your checked luggage allowance. For information on how to prepare sports equipment for flight, visit Czech Airlines’ Sports Equipment Page.



    150 USD/CAD for travel to all regions (excluding Brazil, Europe, and North Africa) 150 USD, 175 CAD*, or 125 EUR* for travel to/from Europe or North Africa 100 USD for travel to/from Brazil. Delta Connection carrier surfboard acceptance and charges may vary. Contact Reservations for more information. If the surfboard is not in a protective case, you must fill out a limited liability release before the surfboard will be accepted. Surfboards are allowed up to two (2) boards per bag. Bags over 70 lbs. will be charged the excess weight fee. Between Honolulu and Maui, there is a 20 USD/CAD fee. Boogie boards smaller than or equal to 43 inches (107 cm) will be accepted as part of the regular baggage allowance. Surfboards over 115 linear inches are not allowed.



    You can buy an extra 12 kg for your sports equipment, which allows you to bring 32 kg (2 luggage items in total) important is that one of the the 2 luggage items have to be sports equipment.

    Egypt Air


    Surfboards are not allowed and must be transported as cargo.



    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance.

    Ethiopian Airways


    If you exceed the free baggage allowance or if you take along particularly bulky or damageable baggage (bicycles, surf and snowboards, skis, large musical instruments, wardrobe trunks etc.) you may have to pay an additional fee and register your baggage with us prior to your departure. Please check on their Excess and special baggages page for more information. Check link for more details.



    Zone 1: €50 Zone 2: €60 Zone 3: €100 (see link for zones). Windsurfing boards, surfboards and kayaks are not included in your checked baggage allowance – therefore, you will always need to pay a special-baggage fee to transport such items.

    First Air

    $50 CAD/USD

    Oversize baggage with linear dimensions (length + width + height) of 161 to 292 cms is subject to a $70.00 excess charge.

    Frontier Airlines


    One item includes one surfboard, one wave ski, or one kite board. The skeg fin must be encased in protective material. Items which exceed 99.9 pounds will not be accepted. Items which exceed 15 feet will not be accepted. Please allow an extra 30 minutes for check-in.

    Garuda Indonesia


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. All Sporting Equipments, including but not limited to Golfing, Surf board, Bicycle and Skiing equipments maybe included into applicable passengers Free Baggage Allowance/FBA according to their actual fare paid.

    Georgian Airways


    Complete information is available at the Georgian Airways office or at the ticket point of sale info@georgian-airways.com. Special baggage charges may apply for surfboards.

    German Wings


    40 € / £36 / 58 CHF / $56 / 1050 CZK / 400 SEK

    Go Air


    You can carry surfboard in the check-in baggage. You have to pay Rs.1000/- as an oversize baggage charge in addition to excess baggage.

    Great Lakes Aviation


    $50.00 each as Excess Baggage

    Gulf Air


    Gulf Air accepts surfboards as long as each piece does not exceed 32 kg and are within the dimensions set for extraordinary baggage 190 cm (75”) x 75 cm (20.5”) x 65 cm  (25.5”). Otherwise, you’ll need to send it as cargo.

    Hawaiian Airlines


    Prices vary by destination. Click link for complete details.



    €150 per board on most flights. For flights to/from Brazil boards are $60USD each. Max length 8’2”. Subject to availability of space on the flight. Surf boards must be booked 24 hours in advance.

    Iceland Air


    Depends in which zone you are flying, see link for additional information. Surfboards are not included in free baggage allowance see the link for the different rates depending on where you fly.



    $50 USD for every exceeding kg if you exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance.



    To pre-book large water sports equipment and for charges for other, non listed sports equipment, please contact the Call Centre.

    Jet Airways


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. Surfboard of fibre glass not exceeding 62 inches (158cm) will be included in the free baggage allowance and if in excess, it will be subject to the applicable excess baggage charge.


    $50USD per board*

    Surfboards are accepted on domestic & international flights for a fee of $50 per board each way and will count as one of your checked bags. One surfboard per case. Note: Items weighing more than one hundred pounds (100 lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage. We recommend that surfboards travel in a hard-sided (rather than soft-sided) case to prevent damage. Surfboards are accepted to all destinations EXCEPT to/from Bermuda, Haiti, Peru, Port of Spain, Santo Domingo and Santiago.*



    $35AUD per boardbag. Boards can be carried as part of paid check-in luggage (eg $35AUD for 25kg). Max length 6

    Kenya Airways


    Surfboards/kayaks/canoes are charged £56.00 for 20 kgs maximum weight. The length of these items mentioned should be less than 65 in/165 cm. Otherwise, the item must be sent as cargo.



    Click link for more information.

    Korean Air


    $50USD per boardbag. Fee is per boardbag. Max weight 32kg and length is roughly 7′.



    If you can get it in one bag with your other belongings and it weighs 20kg – its free! Max weight 20kg. If between 20 and 32kg – a heavy bag fee will apply. Should not exceed maximum dimensions.



    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. See link for rates. Surfboards can have a maximum volume of 300 linear cm.

    Logain Air


    WARNING: Loganair does not accept surfboards on any of its aircraft.



    Domestic + EU + Middle East 50euro + service fee USA + Canada 80 euro +service fee. 15-30 kg (e.g. surfing, kite, bicycles, tandem)



    $100-200USD per boardbag. Surfboards need to be pre-registered. $100USD for flights within Europe, $200USD for intercontinental flights. Max weight 32kg and length 6



    50 € per board /kite (one way) up to 30 kg

    Malaysia Airlines


    All sports equipment, including surfboards, will be carried as part of the free checked baggage allowance and will be subject to excess baggage charges if overweight.



    Check link for up-to-date information.



    Surfboards (up to 160cm) – Domestic EUR 30 / International EUR 50 / Intercontinental EUR 60 (over 160cm) – Domestic EUR 90 / International EUR 100 / Intercontinental EUR 190

    Oman Air


    Bags larger than 74 in/188 cm are subject to additional fees, while no piece of baggage heavier than 71 lb/32 kg can be accepted for carriage.

    Our Airline


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. See link for rates.

    Philippine Airlines


    Can vary from 10 to 160 USD perk kg depends where you are flying. See link for excess baggage rates.

    Porter Airlines


    Check with airline as surfboards may or may not be permitted on specific flights.



    Boards are included as part of your checked baggage allowance (max 109″). If you exceed your baggage allowance, an additional AUD 20 will be applied to flights within Australia, AUD 35 for flights between Australia and New Zealand, New Caledonia & Papua New Guinea and AUD 90 for flights to the Americas, *if paid for online in advance. At check in, an additional AUD 30/50/120 will be applied.

    Qatar Airways


    Surfboards are accepted on all flights but rates vary by region. Click link for specific rates and information.

    Royal Brunei Airlines


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance. Sporting equipment may be carried as part of the free baggage allowance in accordance to the class of travel. A passenger who checks in eligible sporting equipment will be granted a 5 kg waiver of excess baggage charges when eligible sporting equipment is checked in.

    Royal Jordanian


    Surfboarding/Windsurfing equipment shall not be included in the free checked baggage allowance and shall be assessed as excess baggage charges.


    £50/ €50*

    Max weight 20kg. The price of £50/ €50 per boardbag each way is applicable to online baggage purchases only. If purchased at the airport, the price is slightly higher at £60/ €60 per boardbag each way.

    Singapore Air


    Sporting equipment will be counted towards your regular baggage allowance. Excess baggage will be charged. See link for more details.

    South African Airways


    Free unless weight or dimensions exceed the permissible free check-in baggage allowance.



    Surfboard fins must be removed and placed in carryon or checked baggage.

    Spirit Airlines


    Surfboard charges vary depending on the season. Check link for up-to-date information and pricing.

    Srilankan Airways


    Surfboards can be included in the Free Baggage Allowance. If you exceed this, your surfboards shall be charged at the normal excess baggage rate.



    Flying with Suncountry may be a bit sketchy as they list the maximum length of a surfboard at just five (5) feet. The charge for one (1) surfboard checked as baggage is $75 on all flights, so not bad, but check with the airline just to be sure your 6′ board will make it on.

    Sunwing Airlines


    Surfboards are accepted as excess baggage and cannot be included in free baggage allowance. Prices depend on weight. See link for specifics.



    Price is for 1 surf board (up to 2m long) and varies with destination: €50 European flights / €100 Intercontinental flights



    You can check the first bag (paying the respective fee) as part of your luggage and carry a maximum of three surfboard in one bag per passenger with a maximum weight of 32 kilos (70 pounds) and up to 3.7 meters (12 ft ) long. Price varies with destination.



    Price depends on destination and board size. See link for more details. Note: Kitesurf and windsurf equipment and surfboards must always be carried in a suitable bag and packed appropriately. Passengers must always fill in the respective Transport Declaration form. In the absence of this document, inadequately packed equipment will not be accepted at check-in and may consequently be refused transportation.

    Thai Airways


    Price depends on destination, with some destinations allowing for 1 surfboard to be included as regular checked baggage. If travel to / from Australia / New Zealand, only one surfboard is able to include in the baggage allowance If it exceeds the allowance apply Special Unit price (Flat Rates).
    If the ticket is purchased from Japan (Points of sales in Japan) One Surfboard is free of charge when it is transported to/from Denpasar Bali (DPS). See link for more details.

    Tiger Air


    Although there is a charge for all checked baggage on Tiger Airways, surfboards and most other sporting equipment is considered the same as regular checked baggage. Check links for more details and fees.



    United accepts surfboards, wakeboards and paddleboards checked as special items as long as they are packed in appropriate board bags and do not weigh more than 99.9 pounds (45.3 kg). The service charge for a surfboard, wakeboard or paddleboard is $150 USD/CAD (each way) for travel between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and $200 USD/CAD (each way) for all other travel.

    The skeg/fin must be removed or well-padded. The entire board must be encased in a suitable container to avoid scratching. United is not liable for damages. Excess valuation cannot be purchased for a surfboard, wakeboard or paddleboard.

    Boards and board bags weighing more than 99.9 pounds (45.3 kg) combined will not be accepted.

    Note: On United flights, surfboards, wakeboards, paddleboards and board bags longer than 115 inches (292 cm) will not be accepted. On United Express® flights, surfboards, wakeboards, paddleboards and board bags are subject to the aircraft’s load capacities, and items longer than 80 inches (203 cm) will not be accepted. Surfboards, wakeboards and paddleboards will not be accepted during an excess baggage embargo, with the exception that surfboards will be accepted on flights to Costa Rica.

    Virgin America


    Virgin America’s surfboard fee is $50USD Each Way unless overweight/ oversized. See link for more details.

    Virgin Atlantic


    You’re welcome to bring your surfboard or boogie board on all Virgin Atlantic flights and include it in your free baggage allowance. There’s no extra cost as long as it doesn’t exceed 23kg in weight or 277 cm (109 inches) in length.

    Virgin Australia


    Each item of sporting equipment represents one piece of checked baggage allowance, provided that it does not exceed the maximum size and weight limits. Surfboards may only be accepted onboard if packaged in a protective covering, with padded protection around the fin area. Virgin Australia recommends surfboard fins be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment.



    Surfboards are accepted on Westjet as excess baggage and surfboard fees are as follows: Second Checked bag $20CAD/USD Oversized bag $50CAD/USD. Allowed under 9.8 feet (3 metres) long. See link for more details.